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Felixuish is this blog's current ongoing project. If you love what I'm doing and want to incentivize more writing and passion of this caliber, please do consider throwing me a tip via either the link in the last word of each page or the readily available "Tip Jar."

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I Am Quite Smart

I am quite smart / I know lots of things

It Looks Like A Cave

It looks like a cave. There are walls like a cave, and the floor is like a cave. The ceiling is almost out of sight, and there’s something lighting up the whole place, but there is definitely a dome, and it looks like a cave.

Holding On

Because it's your fault that all this is happening, and I want them to thank you when I wasn't there.

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"If you ever feel like you can face whatever you're runnin' from, you go out there and face it. If you don't, well, you take all the time you need."

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