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Felixuish is this blog's current ongoing project. If you love what I'm doing and want to incentivize more writing and passion of this caliber, please do consider throwing me a tip via either the link in the last word of each page or the readily available "Tip Jar." The door made a sound between a... Continue Reading →

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It Looks Like A Cave

I think it’s a cave. It looks like a cave. There are walls like a cave, and the floor is like a cave. The ceiling is almost out of sight, and there’s something lighting up the whole place, but there is definitely a dome, and it looks like a cave. I’m standing on the edge... Continue Reading →

Holding On

via Daily Prompt: Grasp The words allude me for an explanation for how you could possibly grasp the enormity of what you're looking at: Me in your clothes looking out at eternity watching you in disbelief. You have no idea how much you've been through How could you? I've lied it away. The lie that... Continue Reading →

Felixuish – Page 4

The story began here. The little town was little more than a single street lined with small buildings made of wood. I approached it from out of the trees, through the wet, foggy air that spat rain from low above. My steps seemed to echo with each brush against the grass until I reached the... Continue Reading →

Remember This

Remember when we walked all the way to the stars With you in my arms and no end in sight Our light never faltered And I wanted this to never end My friend, let’s say it didn’t just to save time Remember when no one controlled where we went Our accents unique and untainted sounds... Continue Reading →

Out of Place

I ran down the corridor of existential thoughts from strangers in the heads of every child knowing of nothing “real” or verified by perception disturbing, and I guess I'm one of them, in a distant fog and I can only see through into something dangerous I only know it's real because of scars I feel... Continue Reading →

Felixuish – Page 3

The story began here. They woke up and stretched, reveling in the unwinding of knots and tensions in their muscles. A twig snapped against their shoulder as they sat up on their burnt red bough, and they squinted in the morning light that streamed through still-full branches. Green and orange faded into each other above,... Continue Reading →


I’ve touched hatred, and its darkness bled into me. Pouring through my veins, the pulse has constricted my soul and blinded my vision. It covers the lens in my eyes. It clogs my ears. Through the filter, I see all that is good, and it is a lie.


The world is falling down around me Crumbled towers falling down It seems like no one's ever looking No life ruined but their own Working faster moving going Time is wasted on the crown "We'll get to you, no, don't you worry" Kings are laughing at us now Doing nothing ever growing Want it all... Continue Reading →

The Flower

He didn’t know what to do with the flower. It just sort of sat there. But the longer he stared at it, the more he felt ashamed for doing nothing, the more he felt like something was wrong, the more he felt like something had to be done; he had to do something with the... Continue Reading →

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